How To Get A Jimmy Fallon Internship [VIDEO]

Jake Sirianni had a dream. The Washington State student wanted to land an internship with Jimmy Fallon. While he could have gone the traditional paper application and resume route, he certainly didn’t. Why? Because as we all know, Jimmy thinks outside the box.

Jake put his video editing skills to the test, and went back to a 2014 episode of “The Tonight Show” when Daniel Radcliffe was the guest. If you recall, Daniel showed off his rapping skills doing “Alphabet Aerobics”. Jake took the episode, and placed himself in the situation over Daniel, and created his own “Alphabet Aerobics” as to why he should be an intern. Take a look.

Fallon’s response?

Jake WAS watching, and friends captured his reaction!

A little inspiration to take your dreams, think outside the box, and go for it! Thanks Jake and Jimmy. We can’t wait to see what comes from this.

Congrats Jake!

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