What You Need to Know About Teal Pumpkins!

Have you seen teal pumpkins on the store shelves this year?

I was walking through Target this weekend and noticed for the first time a teal pumpkin on the shelf. I figured it was a new decoration trend I wasn’t aware of until I did some research. Turns out there is a reason why the pumpkins are teal. The teal pumpkin project is a worldwide movement to help those who have food allergies be able to still enjoy Halloween. Imagine being a kid and not being able to enjoy the holiday due to a food allergy. This is how you can make sure all kiddos this year have a safe and fun Halloween. If you put a teal pumpkin on your doorsteps it lets tick or treaters know that you have treats for them that are not food. Those treats could be little toys for them like jewelry, glowsticks, bookmarks, etc

Do you want to participate in the teal pumpkin project this year?  Here are the Three easy steps:

1.) Buy a teal pumpkin

2.) Place it on your doorsteps so trick or treaters know.

3.) Put your location on the Teal Pumpkin Project Map



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