Taylor’s Next Chapter is Here, and It’s ME! [VIDEO]

The countdown is over, and the moment we’ve waited for has arrived! 

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift wasn’t counting down to the next single.  She was ACTUALLY counting down to the video for the single.

Earlier Thursday, Taylor showed up at a butterfly mural she commissioned to be created in Nashville. Shortly before she arrived, the phrase “Me!” was added to the butterfly. In the meantime, she took to social media to confess the mural was her doing and that she did have a new song, and more music coming.

Then she appeared at the butterfly, did a photo shoot, and met with fans, letting them know she’d be on ABC later that night.

So… Kelsey Montague Art helped me pull off the best surprise clue reveal today in Nashville!! Thank you to everyone…

Posted by Taylor Swift on Thursday, April 25, 2019


She showed up during the NFL Draft of all things to reveal the new song would be called “Me!” and would feature Brendon Urie. This was with a couple of hours still to go till the countdown was over. THAT’s when she revealed the video for “Me!” would be dropping at midnight, as the clock expired! 

And now, the video, and song are here!  Listen for “Me!” at the start of every hour all day today!


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