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Taylor Swift announces new album and single

It has something to do with her… reputation. 

That’s because she’s calling her new album ‘Reputation’.  We just found out it will drop November 10th, which is a switch-up from all her previous albums which always dropped in October. Honestly, what a perfect album title too, as the last year plus has really been about her perserving her reputation, while being challenged in so many ways; from the Katy Perry drama, to the whole Calvin Harris/Tom Hiddleston ordeal, the Kimye “recorded call” controversy, and then the latest courtroom drama with the groping DJ.

What about a new single?  That will be coming out sometime tomorrow night.

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As for the title, we don’t know. There’s always the “Timeless” theory: Not only has that song title been registered to her, but the message on the website is very identical to the announcement Insta of her album title: title, line, date. Fonts are different, by set-up is the same.

As for how the whole snake ordeal fits in on Instagram, it appears to be her embracing the whole snake meme that started after the Kimye tapes. Or maybe tomorrow’s single might be called “Venom” or “Snake” or something along those lines.

BTW: is back up and running, but still black.

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