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Taylor Swift Drops Another New Song, “Ready For It”

Less than a week after Taylor exploded back into our lives with LWYMMD, she’s dropping even more new music on us. Are you “Ready For It”?

Apparently, Taylor has a solid partnership with the ABC networks. As she dropped LWYMMD, it was instantly featured in a teaser trailer for the upcoming Thursday nights on ABC. This time around, the new single shows up again in a teaser trailer for ABC fall programming.  At the same time, is was used for the intro of Saturday night college football. Immediately after, it popped up on her Insta story and on twitter. 

Take a listen.

The new song sounds a bit more like the 1989 Taylor. You know, the Taylor that died in LWYMMD? This track is less dark, more upbeat, and all about love and romance like we normally expect from Taylor. So time will tell as the full track should be dropping tomorrow morning. It’ll also be the title track for “Reputation” dropping November 10. 

Of course the bigger question: Who’s the song about? Calvin? Tom? Conor Kennedy? Maybe Harry… island reference???

Here’s the lyrics we now know.

In other Taylor news, she was busy serving as a bridesmaid for longtime BFF Abigail on Saturday.

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