Taylor Swift To Drop A New Single This Week?

If you know a Swifty, you know they are hardcore freaking out right now, as Taylor Swift is apparently counting down to… something. Or is she?

Taylor Swift, the queen of intrigue, mystery, and hidden clues has always messed with her devoted fan club’s minds. The question is whether it’s her genius or if it’s just in the mind of her obsessed fans. (Trust me, I use that term lovingly).

Backtrack to the 2019 Taylor Swift calendar. Since its release, Swifites have been speculating about every little mark or “stamp” on the calendar. 

Fast forward to this week and Taylor’s Instagram page. In the past, she has used Instagram to keep fans updated, while creating mystery and teases for her next big thing. It was a major tool for her as she was dropping her “Reputation” album and its singles.  So it’s no surprise whenever she drops ANYTHING on Insta, fans go crazy. But she hasn’t been one to drop on subsequent days lately.

Until this week.

Nor does she often disable comments.

Until this week.

And THIS post on Sunday night:


Her next album is her seventh. And here’s a post with “7″  palm trees. Hmmmm….

Then came this later that night, with a “6” reference:


Did you miss the reference?  She’s on the 6th stair from the bottom (of the photo… is that really the bottom of the staircase though?).

And there was THIS last night:


You caught the “5” reference, right? 5 holes in the fence? Also, there are 5 steps showing on the stairs behind her. 

We’ll wait and see if a “4” reference pops up tonight.

But back to the calendar for a moment. For this weekend, there is a dried flower on the calendar.

Does this confirm anything? The theories are seriously running rampant.

Need more? Check this BuzzFeed article. Holy crud!

So what’s your take?  Is she just posting like a normal person and it’s being taken out of context?  Is she teasing something bigger? Will there be new music this week? Or does Taylor simply get the last laugh?

Hate to say it… I agree with the latter.  So…

Are You Ready for It?

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