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Taylor Swift eats cookie dough
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Taylor Swift’s New Beef: Andy Samberg

Taylor Swift‘s partnership with AT&T just gave us an incredible tease for yet ANOTHER new song. It also lets us see how much the “new Taylor” has changed, and who her new enemies are. 

The almost 2-minute video is a promo for her “Taylor Swift Now” channel on DirecTV, which is owned by AT&T. Throughout the video, Taylor is being recorded during the course of an average day at the recording studio, letting us see who the “real” Taylor is. For example, she’s the type of person who will steal your food from the fridge. She’s also easily distracted by cats, is kind-of gross in her eating habits, and is a complete egotistical jerk to those around her. Her latest victim: Andy Samberg.

Truth or tongue-in-cheek Taylor marketing at it’s best? Watch. Decide. LAUGH!

See behind the scenes content on her Instagram.

Some real tough questions I had for Olivia.

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