Everything We’ve Learned About Taylor Swifts Me!

Swifties are at it again! First, they went NUTS about all the theories leading up to Taylor Swift’s latest release “Me!”  But if you thought the insanity would die down, you’re horribly mistaken. The theories and reveals continue.

Let’s start by backtracking to what was missed. The obvious was that she’s let us know the title for quite some time. Take this Insta post from a couple weeks ago when Elle UK dropped.

Catch the caption?

Then there was this hours before the single dropped.


And of course, right before she secretly showed up at the butterfly mural we now know SHE commissioned, the words “Me!” were painted right in the middle. 

As for the Elle article itself, as she talks about some of her favorite songs, she mentions a couple of things that we NOW know were additional clues to what the video would contain. 

When I hear “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco, I’m transported back… To this day, when I hear “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks… ~elle.com

As we know, Brendon Urie is her collaborator on “Me!” and the Dixie Chicks get a shout out in the video too! 

Dixie Chicks painting in Taylor Swift Me! video
Republic Records

And those “cool chicks” are part of the “cool chicks” featured in that Taylor Insta post. We noted the “cool chicks” idea, and spit out our tea when we heard the lyric.  (Called it… kinda.)


Oh and that kitten Brendon hands her…

Well… baby makes 3!

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And then there were three…

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But now let’s address the whole “Butterfly” deal…

Anyone else thinking we know the album title?  From the shoes at the iheart Awards, to THIS distinctive post…


we’re kinda thinking the butterfly reference is more than just the mural. And there’s now THIS theory… 


Guess time will tell! Maybe that’ll be a soon as the next TS Calendar stamp on May 13th… 

If you want to jump deeper down the theory rabbit hole, there’s a whole other theory suggesting THIS album was supposed to drop BEFORE “Reputation”, and took the back seat after all the Kardashian/West drama needed to be addressed. 

Not only did Selena Gomez already know the song back in 2017, check out the lyrics to “End Game”. 


Being that this dropped on the “Avengers: Endgame” Premiere date, we can’t help but go there for references. And that’s what happened: “Reputation” preceded “Me!”. 

Indeed, Look What [Kimye] Made Her Do…  temporarily bump an album. When it comes to Taylor, does ANYTHING surprise you that it was all craftily planned?

But, all reference of the snakes of Reputation are gone, as snake blow up into, well… BUTTERFLIES! Hmmmmm….


More Theories?

Taylor’s known for hiding song titles in other videos, so could the next single be “Lover”?

Republic Records

And there’s plenty of references to rainbows (which breaks through the “chrysalis”) and roses (already featured on new merch.

Be curious to see how those things all work into the TS7 era, as the corresponding emojis seem to be popping up on posts like crazy!

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