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Taylor Swift’s Big Youtube Event Reveals?

Today is the day.  Within hours, Taylor Swift will be dropping her new album “Lover”, an album that already a Platinum record, having pre-sold over a million copies. And to build the excitement, she has gone LIVE on Youtube for a performance, a Q and A, a discussion about her fashion line, the release of the video for the title track, and a few more surprises. After she posted THIS last night, we’re eagerly anticipating the BIG news.

Taylor Swift updated her Instagram story with this. As spoken by a #Swiftie, "That is clearly a wedding dress." Will…

Posted by Y107 on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Taylor started with a lot of information we already knew: 18 tracks, special editions include journal entries, she collaborated on a clothing line with Stella McCartney, new album drops tomorrow, and video for “Lover” will be dropping soon.  She then went on to read some of her old diary entries that are in the special editions, including talking about High school popularity, the thought she might never get married (foreshadowing??), and the night before she got Meredith, after almost cancelling a show cause she was so sick with 9 shows left in the tour.

She also did an audience Q&A in which she compared each album to a cat from upcoming “CATS” movie. As part of the Q&A , she also revealed the album was almost called “Daylight”, and that “Lover” is the whimsical day time to the darkness, nightime, cityscape that “Reputation” was. Additionally, she gave insight to some of the tracks that stand out to her, including “Cornelia Street” and “Soon You’ll Get Better” which she said is hard to emotionally deal with, and that she can’t sing it.  She added it was a family decision to put it on the album, so we can only assume it’s about her mom’s cancer.

She then brought out Stella McCartney and revealed the new fashion line, as featured in the pop-up shop in NYC. You can see more of it here.

She came back and played “The Archer”, then set-up the music video release of “Lover”.

And it’s NOT an engagement.

And with that, the livestream is over.

In other words, all hype for nothing but the fashion line and the new video. Ummm, ok. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we’re excited, but were hoping for more with all the hype.

Dissecting the Lover Video

Taylor revealed in the livestream, the entire video concept came from a lyric from her “1989” album’s song, “You Are In Love” about two of her besties who were, well, in love. The lyric: “And so it goes, you two are dancing in a snow globe going round and round.” And so, the video starts by looking into a house in a snow globe.

:30 – First Taylor cat cameo in the portrait. Plus, aren’t a lot of these rooms from the “Me” music video opening?

cat cameo 1
Taylor Swift VEVO

:39 – Almost missed cat cameo 2. And they’re in an upside down room?

another cat
Taylor Swift VEVO

:50 – From snow globes to fish bowls now.  Beautiful shot.

Taylor in a fish bowl
Taylor Swift VEVO

1:08 – Hmmm, lyrics? Quick blow by.

Taylor Swift lyrics on a game box
Taylor Swift VEVO

1:09 – Another easter egg.  “Afterglow” will be track 15. As for “King of My Heart”, it’s not just a track from “Reputation”, but it’s a shout out to her co-star, Christian Owens, who was the leading man in the performance of “King of My Heart” on the Rep tour.

King of Hearts boardgame with Afterglow letters
Taylor Swift VEVO

1:10 – Kinda thinking all these games will be available for purchase on the website. Also thinking this is another lyric reference?

Breakable Heaven game
Taylor Swift VEVO

1:24 – Shout out to “Reputation’s” “New Year’s Day”?

Taylor on a counch on NYE
Taylor Swift VEVO

1:55 – Look in the attic.  It’s the lyric video!  Will we finally get a clear look of what was on the screen?

House in Lover video
Taylor Swift VEVO

2:16 – Well look at that, the dresses from last night’s Instagram post. And they’re YELLOW, not white. So much for a wedding dress I guess.

Taylor climbs a ladder to the attic with dresses in background
Taylor Swift VEVO

2:25 – Man, she loves her cats doesn’t she.  🙂

Another taylor cat cameo
Taylor Swift VEVO

3:16 – Is that 10 small candles and 3 big candles = 13

Taylor Swift blowing out candles
Taylor Swift VEVO

And this…


And who is the girl from the beginning?  You just have to watch. 🙂

BTW, Taylor does NOT have a ring on her left ring finger at ANY point in the video. So those engagement/marriage rumors look to be just that.

Of course, the swifites LOVE the LOVER video. This tweet in particular sums up, well, LOVE. 🙂


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