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Are Taylor Swift’s Latest Actions Teasing Something Big Coming

Earlier today, Taylor Swift made some big changes to all her social media and her website. What does it all mean?

If you head to her Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll see the following:

Taylor Swift Tumblr
Taylor Swift Instagram
Taylor Swift Twitter

Head to her Facebook, and everything is gone through 2015.  Her website is literally a “blank space”. So what does it all mean?  No one seems to know for certain. While it could have something to do with the latest court case, we find that highly unlikely. Others speculate she’s been victimized again, and this is the work of an elaborate hacker. 

We’re way more certain that this is a HUGE precursor to the big sixth album announcement. And we couldn’t be more ecstatic.  After all, her albums almost always come out in October, which is right around the corner. We know the album is getting closer. Ed Sheeran shared that not too long ago. And fun fact: today marks 3 years to the date that “1989” was announced.

So, is the waiting game over?  Apparently, she’s possibly going to be on Good Morning America on the 31st, so there’s that.  

Either way, all will be revealed soon from this marketing genius. Count on that.

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