Y107’s Tank A Day In May

We all know gas prices right now are the ABSOLUTE WORST!  Here at Y107, we figured it’s time to do something about that!

It’s Y107’s Tank-A-Day In May! 

Every day this month, starting May 3rd, we’re giving away a free tank of gas* to one lucky listener right here in Mid-Mo!  To win, all you have to do is listen for the daily code word.  When you hear it, text TANK to 800-500-Y107 for the entry form sent right to your phone, and enter it there with your info.

And when we say every day, we mean EVERY DAY, as code words will be announced on the weekends too!**


At the end of the month, one person will be randomly selected from all those who registered all month.

And THAT person will win the GRAND PRIZE:


It only takes one code word to get you in the running. And each correct code word is another entry towards the grand prize. So be listening as we start announcing a code word a day, all throughout the day, starting Monday, May 2nd! And come back EVERY DAY for another code word! The grand prize winner will be announced on Friday, June 3rd!

Click here to enter TODAY’s Code Word!

*Daily winners will receive $50 towards the cost of a tank of gas. As the size of gas tanks and cost per gallon varies, it may or may not fill an entire tank.  ** Weekend winners will be announced on Monday mornings. ***Grand Prize will be a check for $1560, the equivalent of $60 towards a tank of gas every other week, for a year, based-off average consumer gas usage, acknowledging the size of gas tanks and cost per gallon varies.  Only one winner per household is allowed for daily giveaway. Daily giveaway does NOT disqualify for the grand prize. 


  1. Free gas. Woohoo. I’m sure many people can use that. Thank you.

  2. Bill & Ted couldn’t be more EXCELLENT than you guys!!!

  3. What a great contest and gift for these hard times in our society. Thank you!

  4. Free gas!!! Woooo!

  5. Free gas, hell yeah!!!!! I will take it!!!!

  6. Melonea Holloway

    Yes free tank of gas is awesome but a total year of gas is mind blowing. Lord knows my family and I could use this. We have a disabled child and have to take her to school and pick her along with her baby sister cause I’m already out and then our 16 yr old uses more gas than. His dad and I together he just loves to drive except to school lol. So yes this would help my family so much either 1 of then or both I’m excited fingers crossed.

  7. Awesome free gas for a year!!!!! It would totally help me and my family.

  8. Nichole Hancock


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