Judah and the Lion

Take It All Back-Stage With Judah And The Lion

Thursday night, Judah and the Lion will be rocking the Blue Note in a SOLD OUT show.  We want to make sure you’re not just there to witness the awesomeness, but that you get to hang with the band for a bit too! 

We’ve got one last pair of tickets complete with Meet and Greets for the show.  But they’re not just for anyone: you’ve gotta love the band and be ready to sing every word. So here’s how you show what kind of fan you are. 

Get on your Instagram and lipsync a 10sec or less portion of “Take It All Back”, very music.aly style. Then tag “@Y107” with hashtag “#TakeItAllBackstage” as you post it.

We’ll take a look at all the videos, and the one that impresses us the most by 4pm Wednesday will win the experience.  

So get on it, and show us those awesome superfan videos!


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