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This BRIDEZILLA needs a chill pill!

A picture of a bride.

Have you had to deal with a bridezilla? It can be overwhelming to plan a wedding. You want ALL the details to be right. But this bridezilla, in my opinion, is going a little far. She wants all of her brides to have matching EYE COLOR so they don’t clash with their dresses. WHAT!?  She’s asking all of her bridesmaids …

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2019 Super Wedding Show

Super Wedding Show

Attention brides-to-be: the Super Wedding Show is Sunday, January 20th! Recently engaged?  Maybe you hope to be soon.  You don’t want to miss Mid-Missouri’s premiere bridal show! No matter what stage of the planning process you might be in, the Super Wedding Show promises to provide a fun-filled, informative afternoon for you during your wedding journey! There’ll be over 60 businesses on hand …

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How Much Will Your Missouri Wedding Cost?

Missouri Wedding Bride with piggy bank in front of Missouri flag raining money

You’ve found the love of your life, and recently got engaged. Now the gut drops, as you look at the expense of planning a wedding. What will your Missouri Wedding cost? How much should you budget saving? What’s the average cost for a dress or the venue?  TheKnot.com just released their 2017 Real Weddings Survey, where they talked to roughly …

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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show Throw A Valentine’s Wedding

One of the craziest things Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show has ever done was throw a live in-studio wedding on Valentine’s Day. So why not do it again? You’ve found love, but you’ve been putting off the wedding due to cost, or the endless elaborate planning, or whatever else the reasons might be. And you definitely can’t afford to …

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Diamond Engagement Rings Are So Last Century

Woman's hand with diamond engagement ring

How would you feel if your guy dropped down on a knee to propose, and out comes an engagement ring that isn’t a diamond sparkler? If you’re a millennial, a new survey says it’d be a good thing. There’s a stunning new trend in engagement rings. Diamonds are out! The Guardian is reporting the young Millenial generation is instead opting …

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Wedding Bell

Everyone want’s a unique wedding, this couple heard they could hold their wedding at the fast food chain’s flagship in Las Vegas.

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Engaged To My Brother?!?!

You know sometimes it really pays off to stalk someone before you start dating… or at least look into the background of the one you are going to marry! A woman on Reddit explained that she had an “absentee dad” and was raised by her mom. Her fiance was raised in a very similar manner by his mother and stepdad.  When …

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We Can Hart-ly Believe It

Kevin Hart married Eniko Parrish this weekend after a two-year long engagement. The two posted to Instagram several times to document their special day and the wedding looks like nothing less than a fairytale. Here’s the collection of Instagram photos from the Hart wedding for your very own Hart Wedding Album August 2016. Looks like a GQ Cover to me. #Harts …

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