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The BEST Best Man Speech Ever

Champagne Cheers at Wedding Celebration

We’ve all been to those weddings where the speeches are too rambley, with no point, referencing inside jokes that only the bride or groom get, and you just can’t stop thinking about how this person should just SHUT UP so you can EAT already! This…. is not that. Sam Waldron …

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Friday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

We’ve made it through another week! While the stay-at-home order has been extended, we are flattening the curve and that deserves a HUGE round of applause!  If you need a couple more reasons to smile, here they are!  Unfortunately a ton of weddings have been canceled or postponed due to …

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Thursday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

We are almost to the weekend, here’s your extra little boost of positivity to get you through! It’s a story that will make you cry tears of happiness! A woman in Colorado trained her dog to deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor, so they can stay away from anyone that …

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