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Y107 attempts the Sibling Challenge

Sibling Challenge

When mom and dad are away, the kids will play! The Y crew attempted the popular Sibling Challenge from Tik Tok. While shots were fired, we definitely learned a little more about each other!

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Quarantined with Corgis: Week One

Quarantined with Corgis

One of the positives of working from home is getting to be with your family and pets all day long.  So this gave me the PERFECT excuse to start a VLOG series about being Quarantined with Corgis.  If you missed any of week one’s videos, here they are!  Make sure you don’t miss out on week two’s videos! Follow us …

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Y107 attempts a Spit Takes video

What do you get when you mix a mouth full of water and giggling girls? A FAILED attempt at a Spit Takes video!  Try watching this video with a mouth full of water and see if you can make it through without a puddle on the floor. 

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Y107’s Canine Connections – Izzy

Izzy - Unchained Melodies

Meet Izzy! She is an energetic one-year-old that is looking for a home with lots of space for her to run around on.  She would also love to be the only pet in the home.  If you’re interested in Izzy contact Unchained Melodies at (573) 814-8073 or click here.

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