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Mean Tweets: NBA Edition

The facade and columns of the building where the late night show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is filmed, on Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

The NBA Finals are here, so whether you’re watching basketball every night, or you think they score goals to get points, everyone can appreciate a good Mean Tweets reading. If you’re unfamiliar with Jimmy Kimmel’s bit, celebrities read mean tweets about… themselves. Out loud. In front of a camera. It’s …

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Take a deep breath, Betty White is fine!

Betty White

  If Tom Hanks can get the coronavirus, anyone can get it.  And when Betty White started trending on Twitter, everyone started freaking out.  Betty White is America’s not-so-hidden gem. She’s a Hollywood icon and let’s not forget 98-years-old! She seemingly has great health, but this coronavirus has been a …

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