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Okay, you have probably already heard that red wine is good for your health and heart, but what if I told you it could make you live longer too?

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Popular Social Media Calls It Quits

What do Shawn Mendes, KingBach, Logan Paul, KC James all have in common? Well they all became famous/ very well known through an app called Vine. Without Vine they wouldn’t have been discovered or gotten the following that they all have today. If you wanted to be the next Vine star i’m sorry to tell you that Twitter, who is the owner …

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The “Ugly List”

If someone calls you “ugly” on Instagram, ignore it, trust me it could be a phishing scam. The Scheme hinges on Instagram users emotions and insecurities. The Phishers then create posts that claim a user’s photo has been posted to a high-profile “ugly list.” They want you to click on that link, and if you do click the link to …

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