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Cut Your Pizza BEFORE You Bake It?

Hand opening a frozen pizza

TikTok has become SO engrained in our society! From hilarious videos, to celeb pranks, to tutorials and even life hacks, you can find pretty much anything you need on TikTok (and then some!) This super short TikTok is MIND BLOWING. Basically you “cut” your pizza BEFORE you bake it, so …

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Thursday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

The good stories just keep on coming! A man spent $82,000 on gift cards and sent them to every home in an Iowa town. Click here to read more. You never know when a good deed is going to inspire others. A pizzeria delivered free pizza to 40 different hospitals …

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MidiCi closes suddenly

What happened to MidiCi? That is the question everyone is asking after their abrupt closure.  The restaurant, known for their delicious pizzas, posted a goodbye on their Facebook and Instagram just hours before they shut their doors permanently.  If you are already missing MidiCi’s food, you’ll have to drive a …

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Papa John’s is doing what to their pizza?!?

Do you like crazy, extravagant pizzas or are you more a one topping kind of human?  Have you ever thought to put hot dogs on your pizza? Me either! But Papa John’s is going for it!  The pizza company just announced their new Hot Dog Pizza!  https://www.instagram.com/p/B5RPPvrHcyn/?utm_source=ig_embed Not only will …

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