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Lady Gaga Revealed Intense looking Documentary on Netflix

Lady Gaga's new documentary on Netflix

Lady Gaga: Five foot Two Lady Gaga is taking a page from Taylor Swift by hitting up social media and teasing her next project with a collage of images. The series of photos and videos on Instagram today revealed an upcoming documentary on Netflix that takes a look inside her life leading up to the Superbowl. Check out a few clips from the powerful …

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Buying Your Friends

If your selfies are feeling dull or empty, there is now a service that can fill your life with “Friends” for you.

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Okay, you have probably already heard that red wine is good for your health and heart, but what if I told you it could make you live longer too?

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Return of the Mack

McDonald’s is introducing some new things to their menu, launching bigger and smaller versions of the chain’s iconic Big Mac. The Grand Mac is for those of us who want more bang for the buck so to speak. They are adding more meat to the beef patties for a total of one-third of a pound of beef. The Mac jr. …

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