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Theater Mode

Apple might be releasing one of the most pointless updates to date. They are trying to help you be less (or more) obnoxious if you’re one of those people who text while at the movies. iPhone leaker Sonny Dickinson announced that the next update will feature a new theater mode which comes with a popcorn icon in the control center. The update …

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And they’re looking more FABULOUS than EVER! With a new iPhone 10.2 update comes new emojis. And with new emojis come whole new ways to have conversations. Like if you’re out to brunch. Or if you’re remembering Harambe. Bless up! – JAX Check these out!

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Apple Flip?

Flip phones are the relics of the past. Remember when the Motorola Razor came out? That was the phone that everyone wanted. I even owned one of those, it was just so sleek and stealth looking. It was also so satisfying to hang up on someone with a flip phone, now you just have to angrily mash the screen… just …

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The Iphone 7

It’s September, which means the start of the football season, and of course the arrival of fall and the unveiling of Apple’s latest iPhone. Today Wednesday the 7th, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus during an event in San Francisco.

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