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Carson’s ‘Crush’ Songs Win You $20 to Crushed Red

Crushed Red gift card

We are all about new hit music on Y107, and Carson is no different.  Each weekday afternoon, during the 5 o’clock traffic jamz, not only will he cue up your requests for your ride home, but he’ll also give you a shot at a free dinner from Crushed Red. New Music + Free Food = Winning!!!! Check out the red …

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Win Free McDonald’s Burgers Each Morning This Week

McDonald's new signature crafted sandwiches

Who doesn’t love the chance to try something new? Especially when it’s new food. We’ve teamed with McDonald’s to give you the chance to try their new signature crafted recipe sandwiches on us. All you need to do is listen to Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show all week, and don’t say a few key words: like, ummm, or uhhh. …

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Eat and Celebrate the Best of Columbia

You voted, and waited, and the results have come in.  Now it’s time to celebrate the best food and drink that Columbia, MO has to offer!  Every year, Inside Columbia Magazine puts together their “Best of Columbia” list. This year, they did things a little differently. Instead of doing every single category all in one shot, they broke it up …

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The Great Debate

Okay, it’s time for the great debate. Of course, I’m talking about pineapple on pizza! I will be the first to tell you I absolutely hated pineapple on my pizza until I discovered the best topping for it… Jalapenos! There is just something about the sweet and spicy mix that my mouth waters over. That being said, it is the only …

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Wedding Bell

Everyone want’s a unique wedding, this couple heard they could hold their wedding at the fast food chain’s flagship in Las Vegas.

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Single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry you can still celebrate it with your best friends…

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Return of the Mack

McDonald’s is introducing some new things to their menu, launching bigger and smaller versions of the chain’s iconic Big Mac. The Grand Mac is for those of us who want more bang for the buck so to speak. They are adding more meat to the beef patties for a total of one-third of a pound of beef. The Mac jr. …

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Special Sauce

Are you a fan of McDonald’s? Have you always wanted to own the coveted secret sauce of the most iconic burger in the world? Well now you can… wow that sounded way to much like an ad! Seriously though, McDonald’s had a huge give away of their secret Big Mac Sauce last week. Giving over 10,000 bottles to some very …

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Taco Bell Fries?

When Taco Bell is on your mind the last thing you are thinking about is French Fries, but that’s not going to stop Taco Bell from testing them out to see how well they sell.

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The Spice of Life

I’m an avid lover of food, really any kind but I am very fond of some food that has a little Spicy kick to it. There is a new study that makes me love spicy food even more. It has been found out that food with some heat could help you live longer, with new research from the University of a …

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