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Jeans Will Never Be The Same

strange jeans

Jeans used to be pretty basic. Maybe you had colors, or the type of “wash” they were. Then came fashion, and you paid extra to have somebody pre-rip them for you, because it’s cool. Yeah…. But now we’ve crossed that line. Jeans as we know them, are DEAD! So there was these: DOROTHY PARKER: What fresh hell is this?TOPSHOP: Thank …

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What We Missed At Coachella 2017 Part One

Ferris wheel at Coachella

New music from Lady Gaga. A surprise from Lorde. A mega party from Katy Perry. Cute couple sightings and more.  Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest Coachella highlights. Lady Gaga Goes Double Duty During Coachella Headline Mother Monster was the last minute Beyonce fill-in to headline the festival, and she certainly did not disappoint. First, she paid tribute …

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Leggings on a Plane: Are They Really Banned?

Girl wearing blue leggings working on computer

That leggings story has been all over the headlines lately. Two teen girls were booted from boarding a United plane from Denver to Minneapolis for the most ridiculous reason: they were wearing leggings. Say WHAT?!?! And the world JUMPED on it, attacking United for the ridiculous judgement call. But, was it the gate agent? Or, was it an absurd policy we weren’t aware of? …

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The “Dirt Look”

There have been many groom trends this past year for men, and I have to say we have gone beyond getting perms, putting lights, jewelry, and glitter into beards. Models at the TOPMAN Fashion show in London came out onto the runway covered in fake dirt. In the words of TOPMAN, They say the look consists of dirty and greasy hair as well …

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$20,000 Cheetos

Cheetos have been known to do some crazy things. Like coming out with the mac and Cheetos with Burger King, the Cheeto burrito for Taco Bell the list goes on, but now Cheetos is selling an item for $20,000!

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Beard Jewelry

Sporting a beard continues to be a trendy look for men, and now some men are actually buying special jewelry for their beards. A lifestyle brand called Krato Milano just started making the accessories which clip right into one’s beard. They feature small designs such as anchors or skulls. The brands Kickstarter page reads, “This collection is dedicated to strong …

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There’s Something Weird About These New Shoes

There are a lot of sneaker heads in this world. Some shoes go for hundreds of dollars and that still doesn’t stop people from buying them. Lately what has been popular fashion wise are pre-ripped jeans also known as “distressed” jeans. They sell for big money as well, and now a company by the name of golden goose has released …

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