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Shopping with your fur-baby

Millennials and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Studies have shown that 20-somethings are buying houses to provide a better life for their fur-babies, and I am no different.   When I first got a puppy, I immediately wanted to take her EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, her cuteness did not compensate for the fact that dogs were not allowed in most …

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Your pet makes you a better person

Bark if you can believe it. It’s National Pet Day and of course, we had to post something relevant. In a recent study by BarkBox, pets don’t just make you happier, but they make you a better person! Out of all the owners polled by BarkBox, 93% of dog owners said they can name at least one way their dog has made them …

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“Olympic” Dog Diving Competition

With the Olympics taking over our lives we tend to push other things to the back of our heads, like maybe mans best friend… Well Dogs want to get in on the action of the Olympics as well.

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