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Get a Video Call From Your Dog

Funny dog working from home remotely while conducting a web video conference call with pet friends

You soon could get a video call from your dog at home! There’s TONS of pet tech out there, but it’s focused on the HUMAN monitoring the dog. Dr Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas wanted her 10-year-old Labrador Retriever, Zack, to be able to call HER if he was lonely, so she started …

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Sisu, The Unicorn Thief: The Story of a Dog


The title seriously reads like a children’s book, and honestly, I hope Sisu gets one! Sisu, whose former name we don’t know, is a beautiful dog who kept breaking into… a Dollar General store. Each time he ran inside, he beelined to the same purple stuffed unicorn. And not just …

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Y107’s Canine Connections – Homer


Meet Homer! He is the cutest old man who’s looking for his forever family. While Homer has lived his entire life on a chain, you would never know it by how cuddly he is.  He deserves the best family.  If you’re interested in Homer contact Unchained Melodies at (573) 814-8073 …

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Another Disney classic is getting a live-action remake!

Another live-action remake of a Disney classic is coming our way! Disney is releasing ‘Lady and the Tramp’ on November 12th to their new streaming service, Disney+.  The best part is, all the dogs featured in the film are real life shelter animals.    Justin Theroux will voice Tramp and …

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Shopping with your fur-baby

Millennials and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Studies have shown that 20-somethings are buying houses to provide a better life for their fur-babies, and I am no different.   When I first got a puppy, I immediately wanted to take her EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, her cuteness did not compensate …

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