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Green Dog?

What would be your reaction if a chocolate lab gave birth to a green puppy? As bizarre as it sounds this actually happened to a couple in the U.K. Elaine Cooper, of Chorley, Manchester thought it was a black labrador at first when it was in the sack.

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Squirrel Masks

Here’s a little reminder that Halloween isn’t all about scary clowns! Let’s go back to when the holiday was about competing to get the most candy at the end of the night. To take some of the light away from all the scary things that have been going on recently let me tell you about Squirrel Masks! They are a real …

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“Olympic” Dog Diving Competition

With the Olympics taking over our lives we tend to push other things to the back of our heads, like maybe mans best friend… Well Dogs want to get in on the action of the Olympics as well.

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