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Here’s where we’re at with COVID-19

The world is constantly evolving with the coronavirus. As of Monday, March 23rd this is where we are at. Boone County has 17 positive COVID-19 cases, as of early Monday morning. Two Mizzou employees, and a worker at Russell Boulevard Elementary in Columbia, are among the new positives. Cole County …

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Take a deep breath, Betty White is fine!

Betty White

  If Tom Hanks can get the coronavirus, anyone can get it.  And when Betty White started trending on Twitter, everyone started freaking out.  Betty White is America’s not-so-hidden gem. She’s a Hollywood icon and let’s not forget 98-years-old! She seemingly has great health, but this coronavirus has been a …

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A helpful guide to the Coronavirus

Winston Churchill made the phrase “Keep Calm – And Carry On” famous in 1939. While we aren’t facing World War III, it’s still a reminder today as we all move forward in a world with health concerns. Y107 encourages you to be smart, stay strong and use common sense. Keep yourself …

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Thursday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

Who’s been your hero during quarantine? This virus has definitely made me appreciate all of our healthcare workers so much more……and TOM HANKS!  The coronavirus has a lot of unknowns but one thing that scientists have discovered is plasma from recovered patients help those who are still sick. Our jaws …

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