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Taylor Swift’s New Beef: Andy Samberg

Taylor Swift eats cookie dough

Taylor Swift‘s partnership with AT&T just gave us an incredible tease for yet ANOTHER new song. It also lets us see how much the “new Taylor” has changed, and who her new enemies are. 

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Pepsi’s ‘Movement’ Commercial Sets Off Unintended Controversy

Kendall Jenner removes blonde wig in Pepsi ad

Pepsi released a new commercial starring Kendall Jenner, and the world has gone crazy. Unfortunately, it’s not a good thing for the soft drink company. The Video In the 2:30 video, people from all backgrounds are seen walking the streets as in a march protest. Numerous races, religions, orientations, etc are represented. They’re seen doing their jobs, then dropping it …

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Ariana Grande’s Commercial

Ariana Grande stars in a new T-mobile commercial. Not only promoting here latest single side to side it also supports some humor. The driver kicks Ari out of the car because she is almost out of data and would rather have maps to know where she is going then listening to music. Check out the commercial for yourself! BTW: Easy …

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