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Back to School Is “Poppin” in Georgia

Jack Harlow in between pictures of teachers who covered what's poppin

Back to school this year is more difficult than ever before. Between COVID-19, capacity rules, and the whole online learning thing, there are way more challenges. And that is adding to huge stress levels for teachers, students, and parents alike. Enter Miss Evans and Miss Williams. How cool would it be if your new teacher was not only an overnight …

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Y107 attempts the Sibling Challenge

Sibling Challenge

When mom and dad are away, the kids will play! The Y crew attempted the popular Sibling Challenge from Tik Tok. While shots were fired, we definitely learned a little more about each other!

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Have you tried the latest viral challenge?

It’s been a while since  the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral for a good cause but now the Bottle Cap Challenge is here to take it’s place.  The challenge involves unscrewing the top of a bottle with a powerful roundhouse kick. It got its start in the MMA world but it is quickly becoming a pop culture phenomenon.  John Mayer …

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Cosmo & Carson Get Revenge On Destiny! [VIDEO]

Picture of Carson getting revenge Destiny

I thought when I had the boys take a shot of apple vodka and milk they would enjoy it! I never in a million years thought they would want to get revenge on me. Man did Cosmo and Carson get me back GOOD! After our Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday, the boys called me back to the lunch room and asked …

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Y107 Staff Does The Vodka and Milk Challenge! [VIDEO]

Picture of Cosmo,Carson and Hannah taking the vodka milk challenge

Have you ever had a moment when you crave something weird? I was sitting at my desk Monday minding my own business when I looked over at my coworker’s desk and noticed vodka. I started to think of random things you should never mix with vodka. Don’t mix it with water, apple juice, and milk. That’s when a brilliant and yet evil …

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