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Shia Returns

Shia LaBeouf is back at it again after the Art Project of he will not divide us was shut down in Ney York over security concerns. LaBeouf and his collaborators, Ronkko & Turner, announced on Saturday that their performance art piece, which consists of a live stream video project where members of the public have been invited to go in front of …

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Beard Lights

There has been beard jewelry, Beard baubles, glitter beards, and Jingle bell- adorned beards, now there is a new trend going around this holiday. It’s trendy to add Christmas lights to one’s beard. A “pimp my beard” shop in London will be selling the lights for beards this weekend. If you want to go above and beyond this holiday season …

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Selfie Gone Wrong

If you were in a room with a red button and you were told not to press it, how tempted would you actually be? That is what being in a museum is like. There are staff and signs posed everywhere that tell you not to touch the ancient artifacts, but deep down inside you know you want to touch a piece …

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