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Uber People

The next time you get into an Uber, you can now specify a person rather than just a place as your destination. The update is called Uber to Person and allows users to sync their contacts with the Uber app. After that step, instead of just typing in the address of the place you want to go just put the name of a person …

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Candy Crush Game Show

Candy Crush, everyone knows this game or has at least been invited to play it on Facebook countless times! CBS announced on Tuesday that it is teaming up with King Games and Lionsgate to produce a Candy Crush game show. There hasn’t been to many details however it was told that 2-person teams will “use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, …

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Tinder Wants You To Share!

Play Cupid on Tinder by sharing your matches around, trust me its a lot less dirty than it sounds. Tinder’s new update is trying out a new function. According to Rosette Pambakian, the company’s vice-president said that Tinder wheeled in the “Share” function. So, what’s the big deal about this “Share” button? Well, now you can be the best wing-man for your …

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Pokémon Go Improves Mental Health!

Okay so by now if you haven’t heard of a little game by the name of Pokémon Go, you must have been living under a rock! well that or hiding from everyone and everything. It is a Free app for your phone that just came out last Wednesday and since then has had millions of downloads and players. This Pokémon …

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Snapchat Lets People Save Pictures to View Later

Snapchat has come along way from when it was first released, I mean what got everyone into it at first was how the messages and pictures disappeared after viewing them. But then they introduced stories and the best filters anyone has ever seen! Seriously find one person that doesn’t know the dog filter on Snapchat that’s my challenge for you. …

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