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Order Deadlines If You Want Your Christmas Gifts On Time!

Picture of a computer and shopping cart.

If you looked at my Amazon account right now you would see a cart full of Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I have been procrastinating on paying it because I know my bank account will say, OUCH! However, I should probably act fast if I want my gifts to come in time for the Holidays. Consumer Reports figured out …

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Alexa Has Become Self Aware!

Alexa has developed a mind of her own!

Alexa Is Alive You read the title right Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa has formed her own opinions that weren’t added to her programming.

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“Alexa, Play KTXY”

Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

It’s the device everyone wants: Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Did ya know Alexa makes hanging with Y107 a lot easier too? We’ve seen and heard that Alexa, the voice of your Amazon echo, can do a ton of pretty awesome things if you just ask. One of those things is playing your #1 Hit Music Station. Just say, “Alexa, play KTXY” …

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Alexa Don’t Buy That!

Technology advancements have helped make our lives more convenient and easy. However, there are some hiccups that happen along the way. Take our phones and Amazon Echo’s Alexa AI for example.

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Amazon Go

In this day in age we are making everything smart, we have smart phones, watches, houses, why not have smart grocery stores? Well that is now a very real thing thanks to Amazon. Amazon is testing a grocery store located in downtown Seattle that lets customers walk in, grab food from the shelves and walk out again, without ever having …

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