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You’ve heard today’s code word huh?  And now you’re ready to win?  Simply fill out the form below.  It’ll also get you entry towards the Grand Prize! So the more daily code words you enter, the better your chances to win the FREE GAS FOR A YEAR!

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Only one entry per person per day will be accepted.  One winner per day will be selected, announced, and given a phone call the next day, or on Monday for weekend winners.  Daily winners will receive $50 towards the cost of a tank of gas. As the size of gas tanks and cost per gallon varies, it may or may not fill an entire tank.  Grand Prize will be a check for $1560, the equivalent of $60 towards a tank of gas every other week, for a year, based-off average consumer gas usage, acknowledging the size of gas tanks and cost per gallon varies.  Only one winner per household is allowed for daily giveaway. Daily giveaway does NOT disqualify for the grand prize. 


  1. Tank A Day – Free Gas for a year – Yes Please Y107

  2. Taylor Cressley

    Gas is so expensive it’s hard for middle class people to even get to work do to the gas. Also farmers need gas to help get food on our tables.

  3. I have 7 kids and work full time for the City of Fulton. Everything is a bill now. So anything helps. This is awesome!

  4. Free gas would be great right now!

  5. I need to win I have 10 siblings please

  6. Nice give away!

  7. A free tank of gas for a year would be such a blessing!

  8. Y107 you are amazing for this! Free gas would be amazing for me because I drive 800 miles a week to go back and forth to work. And these rising gas prices are KILLIN me! Love you Y107!!

  9. Win free gas What could be better Oh wait the music on y107 Yeah

  10. Free Gas would be amazing, with having 3 cars to fill up with kids in college, that would be a TRUE BLESSING! I love Y107!

  11. Y107——ROCKS———-Gotta love the morning show!!!

  12. Love listening to you all in the mornings!

  13. I think this would be so helpful seeing gas prices went up ! You guys are always helping out it I love it

  14. Good music


    Yes, please – I NEED free gas since my golden years are a dusty khaki at best. My granddaughter and I listen to Y107 every, every day and we both love it – you span generations and make us all smile.

  16. Laura A Sampson

    Not only would I love to win a tank of gas, I’d like Cosmo to fill it for me! LOL

  17. I want to be a winner I never won anything on the radio.wish me luck

  18. I love y107

  19. Listen to you all on my way to work every morning at 5am..you all are awesome. I’ve even cleaned your all’s offices on several occasions and I seen cosmo’s little broom trick in the break area..pretty cool…we left it right where it was..lol

  20. Awesome Sauce!

  21. Would love to win a tank of gas

  22. Darrell Rogers

    Winning gas for a year would be such a blessing!

  23. The only kind of gas I want (free and not bodily)lol fingers crossed.

  24. Maria Eugenia Mendez Lopez

    I have fun listen to the show while driving to work. I get to work in a great mod thanks to the show.

  25. Eddy Francisco Reyes

    Great show. I always have fun listening.

  26. Your morning show is GREAT!!!

  27. Bryanne Bailey

    Love Y107! Great to be a part of the 6am crazy bunch!!

  28. Y107 is my favorite radio station and gets me through the day! Gas is an awesome gift in this day and age! Hooping I win!

  29. Melonea Holloway

    Love u guys!!! Best radio station ever!!!

  30. Best radio station and people, hands down!!!!!!!! Y’all are amazing for EVERYTHING you do!!!! Thank you!!!!

  31. Jessica Holder

    Listen morning and evening love y107

  32. Montana Porter

    Love the y107 morning show, I listen every morning on my way to work and on my way home every evening. My favorite segment is definitely hook up or hang up!

  33. Y107 ooooyaaa!

  34. Best radio hands down all day!!! Cosmo and Lauren make my morning commute and school drop offs suck less . A tank of gas is like GOLD !!! Thanks for the opportunity guys!!!

  35. Love you guys at y107. Listen everyday. Would love to be a winner. Gas would help my bills a lot thanks guys

  36. Gas for a year would be an awesome blessing for my family!

  37. Y107 is awesome!! I want to be a WINNER on my favorite radio station.

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