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A Body Cleanse… with Tacos? It DOES Exist!

Ummm, how’d we miss the memo on this? Apparently there’s a legit Taco body cleanse. WHAT?!?! However, it’s not as simple as heading to the Bell every day.

Surprisingly, the Taco Cleanse has been a thing since 2015.  The basic idea is that you eat tacos, and only tacos for anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. Breakfast: tacos! Lunch: tacos! Dinner: tacos! Dessert: TACOS! Oh, you can also drink margaritas and beer.  Now THAT sounds easy enough! And who wouldn’t be down for it. There’s even a cookbook and website to guide you through the whole process, that was put together by “taco scientists” (self proclaimed).

A happy woman eating vegetarian taco in a well-lit restaurant

I know you’ve got questions, like can I eat any tacos? Of course not. It is a vegan diet. As for the rules of the cleanse/diet: IIFYT – If it fills your taco, it’s fair game (if it’s vegan).

We also know cleanses can suck. All that juice, while starving yourself. Uggghh. But this isn’t anything like it. Another rule: If you’re hungry, you’re not eating enough tacos!

If you’re thinking this might be worth a try (hello, TACOS!), there’s plenty who have tested it out and shared their results. 

  • A writer for Women’s Health shared it’s a high fiber diet, which is good for catching good sleep. Well, it was either the fiber or the fact that her belly was full from yummy tacos. 
  • A writer for thekitchn.com loved the free range of choices for fillers and the tortilla itself: tater tots, mac and cheese, mushrooms, tofu with corn or flour tortillas, or even a waffle.
  • The writers at Cosmo noted you have to be super committed as it’s ONLY TACOS for all food intake, and it’s 100% vegan. After a couple days, it get’s tough. She also added this isn’t a weight loss diet, and, well, it’s not even detox.

Wait, WHAT!?!

The “scientists” put the whole thing together to poke fun at all these fad diets, while giving you some great vegan meal ideas.  That’s it. They actually hate the whole detox culture. 

However, it’s not a joke. It’s a legit diet, with a very different intended outcome: Enjoy life and be happy.

“We are believers that eating tacos makes you happy, and mental health is just as important, if not more so, than physical health.” ~ Taco scientist Stephanie Bogdanich

Their message and purpose is to “detox” the negativity in your life, from self images and other diets, and replace it with Tacos! 

Think of it, the joy of waking up knowing you’re going to start the day with breakfast tacos. The happiness that you don’t have to decide where to go for lunch or dinner. If they have VEGAN tacos, you’re gold. Don’t forget about the margarita perk too! 

In other words, a Taco Cleanse that’s all about bringing you happiness? Why not!


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