Congratulation to MidMo’s Coolest Kid 2019!

The competition was TOUGH this year with over 50 AWESOME submissions.  There’s no denying we have some cool kids in Mid-Missouri.  However, at the end of the day, only one could win the title as Mid-Mo’s COOLEST Kid with Synergy Sports.  This year, the winner is…


My son is the sweetest cool kid ever! He goes out of his way to help others and truly cares about everyone. He thinks he needs to feed every homeless person he sees. He buys toys all year from clearance racks and saves them to give to kids at Christmas. Hes also a football and wrestling stud and loves to workout so he’d love to win!

So not only is Landon cool by style standards, but he heart is pretty outstanding too! Enjoy your free year membership to Synergy Sports Landon. And Mom and Dad, enjoy your $250 VISA giftcard.


As we said, the competition was TOUGH though, and we feel the need to give a special shout-out to our runner-up. 

Congrats Daylana!  

This little girl is good at anything you ask her to do. She has played 2 years of tackle football, shes going into her 6th year of wrestling. She is now playing softball this year. She can draw, sing and rap. She can rap almost every single one of Eminem’s song word for word including “Rap God” and keep up with him in it also. I have never meet anyone that’s as multi talented as this little girl right here. She has told me that when she grows up she wants to go to college to be an aerospace engineer!

Girl power is FULL FORCE, with a bright future ahead.  Daylana, please stop by anytime to pick-up a Y107 tshirt! You deserve it!


Again, shout out to all our entries for being some amazing kids!

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