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Suicide prevention program
Suicide Prevention

Sunday is World Suicide Prevention Day

From “13 Reasons Why” to Logic’s new song, to the deaths of Chester Bennington and too many more, suicide has been in the headlines and on the top of minds. It’s a horribly sad topic, but critical to discuss. Sunday is a day for that. It’s a day to not just discuss it but work together to prevent it.

Sunday is World Suicide Prevention Day, kicking off Suicide Prevention Week Sept. 10-16. On Sunday, stars like Halsey, Logic, James Arthur, Jack Antonoff, Kahlid, Metallica, Gary Allen, and more want you to “Take A Minute” as we all come together to talk about suicide and what steps we can all take to prevent it.  The “Take a Minute” program happens Sunday morning starting at 9 am as the stars share their stories and team with health care professional for a 2-hour program meant to educate the public and simply raise awareness of the suicide epidemic. You can hear it here.

But don’t just listen, be a part of it. During the program, there will be a call-in number featured on their site so YOU can share how you’ve been impacted by suicide. You can also interact by tweeting the hashtag #ImListening to @imlistening_org.

As we all work together, we encourage you to go a step further. You can help to #StopSuicide by adding a filter to your profile picture or download images that can be shared on your social media accounts to help spread the word. You’ll find more resources here.

Click here to find out more about the campaign and Sunday’s program.

Again, if you or someone you know is depressed or feeling hopeless and lost, help is always available, 24-7.  Logic’s song has the answer right in the title.  Call 1-800-273-LIFE (8255), or find support here.


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