Stanger Things Season 3 teaser trailer still

Stranger Things Season 3 Breaks Our Hearts

You may have heard, there’s a new Teaser for Stranger Things Season 3. It’s epic, and takes us inside the mall, while we see what “Steve”, and newcomer “Robin” are up to.  From the clues in the mall windows, we’re guessing it’ll be set in 1984.  But then, we get the worst news ever.

Did you hear that?  Surely they CAN’T be talking about Season 3. They can’t possibly mean we’ll have to wait until summer 2019 for the new season, RIGHT? We really don’t know if we can make it that long. I get they just started filming in April, but it’s only 8 episodes. Can it REALLY take that long? 

Maybe it’s just a fake out? Maybe they really are teasing “the mall” and not the show? We’ll keep fingers crossed and keep you in the know as we hear more.

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