Spiderman Marvel comics in Madame Tussauds Wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
shutterstock/ Alexander Tolstykh

Spider Man: No Way Home Trailer Released

My fiance and I were watching travel videos on YouTube last night… as ya do on a Tuesday night… when YouTube suggested the new Spider Man: No Way Home trailer.

“I thought this wasn’t dropping until TOMORROW!” He exclaimed!

We watched it. Then he watched it over and over again when I went to bed. He’s quite the comic book nerd, and was looking for the Easter eggs.

It’s here. And it’s awesome. It introduces the Multiverse in a pretty spectacular way. The villains from the other iterations of Spider Man show up in the trailer, officially ret-conning the multiple versions in recent history. And we DO see another Spidey, but he’s never unmasked in the whole video. Is it Andrew Garfield? Is it Tobey Maguire? Only one way to find out!

Who is excited??? I am. We MAY just have to go see this one at it’s late night first-release, if it happens. It’s released December 17th exclusively in theaters!

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