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Snowmageddon Again? Not So Fast. However…

It started last night, and trickled into this morning. Another winter blast was on its way, and panic started to set in. So how much is coming and how concerned due we need to be? Here’s the latest.


Tonight, a system the wreaked havoc across Iowa will impact the North eastern part of the state, but should leave a majority of Mid-Missouri relatively in the clear snow wise, maybe seeing an inch if anything, especially further North. The biggest concern is the potential of slick roads with freezing drizzle already being reported.  The biggest concern is for neighborhood streets and untreated roads. Almost the entire northern half of the state is now under a Winter Weather Advisory till midnight.



A disturbance tracking East will most likely bring some snow to Mid-Missouri, but how much is too hard to determine, as the data is “inconsistent”. We could see nothing, or we could see a decent amount, although most of that would be North of I-70, according to current reports. At this point, the system continues to slow down, meaning the snow probably won’t start until maybe 4p or 5p, with the heaviest snowfall not until 10p, if we see any. However, we could see heavy bursts if it does come, which would cause travel concerns. Snow would be stopping by 3 or 4am Wednesday. Here’s the latest projections, although continually changing.

As always, stay tuned to Y107 as we’ll keep you updated with the latest.

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