Where to get your favorite childhood snacks in Mid-Missouri

I thought most of my favorite childhood snacks were dead to the world, but apparently they are alive and HERE in Mid-Missouri!!!!!

One of my favorite after-school snacks were the Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks. My adult eyes have never seen them in grocery stores, but apparently you can get them at Gerbes!!! 

If we were really good during the week, my mom would let us have a can of Surge. The delicious drink can be found at Walmart!

And for dessert we would would always beg for Dibs, the hands-on ice-cream treat. They are also carried at Walmart

Unfortunately, some of my other childhood favorites can’t be found in Mid-Missouri. But you can buy them online! 

  1. Dunkaroos 
  2. Trix Yogurt
  3. Wonder Balls

Who is going to make a mad dash to the grocery store to stock up on these gems??


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