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Rosemary boost your memory
Ivanna Grigorova

Breathing In Rosemary Will Boosts Your Memory

Finals week for college is here! Instead of pulling all-nighters or studying too hard here is another option. If you have to remember something important you might want to smell some rosemary. New research from Northumbria University finds rosemary essential oils is helpful to children’s recollection.

Because of this, researchers also found that it boosts memory in adults. It’s still not clear why or how rosemary has this effect. However it’s possible the aroma affects electrical activity in the brain, or active compounds in the herb are absorbed when adults are exposed to it. These studies may help eventually contribute to new drugs to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s.

That would be a huge breakthrough in the medical world. What are you waiting for? Go find a seller and buy some of the good herbs… and good luck with all of those finals!          

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