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Six Flags Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Celebration Ends This Week at Six Flags

For the past month, you’ve been able to celebrate Mardi Gras without the trip down to New Orleans. However, that’s all about to end this weekend.

If there’s one thing St. Louis is known for outside the Cardinals and the Arch, it’s being host to the Midwest’s largest Mardi Gras party. However, that came and went back in February on a cold weekend. And it’s always a one and done event. One parade. One HUGE day of celebration, then it’s over for a year. Six Flags must’ve realized Missourians could use a bit more of that New Orleans spirit. I’ve never been to Mardi Gras, which frustrates the heck out of me. Since June 21, every Wednesday through Sunday, Six Flags St. Louis has been bringing Mardi Gras to the park. 

Six Flags Mardi Gras

It’s the beads, the jester, the juggles, the floats, and more beads.  I just went the other weekend, and it’s definitely a fun, exciting new way to experience the park you’ve been going to for years. 

Back on June 21, they launched the Mardi Gras Festival, where every Wednesday through Sunday, it’s all about the beads, the jester, the jugglers, the floats, and more beads.  About this time of year, I could use a bit more of the Mardi Gras spirit, even if it isn’t quite as wild as February.  Plus, more than just the parade, this event is also all about the food and drinks: king cakes, jambalaya and cornbread, beignets, and of course, Hurricanes!

Finally made it last weekend, and it was pretty awesome. It’s a pretty cool new way to experience the park you’ve been going to for years. So if you’ve got a vacation day left, or a free weekend coming up, you should really check this out. Problem is, ya gotta hurry because Sunday is the final day.  


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