A bunch of roses reminiscent of the rose on the Bachelor and Bachelorette

The Bachelor for Senior Citizens Coming Soon?

It looks like there’s a new Bachelor spin-off happening and it will look a little different than we’re used to…

Every time a new season of The Bachelor starts I find myself feeling older and older. The girls getting out of the limo tend to be in their very early 20s, and multiple people have noted that the cast seems to be getting younger and younger. Well it looks like all of our prayers have been answered…kinda.

Elderly couple cuddle holding a rose

One of the producers of The Bachelor took to Instagram to announce an “exciting new dating show,” and to encourage singles aged 65+ to apply.

I have so many questions!

  • Will the premise of the show be the exact same?
  • Will these be normal looking people or absolute knockouts like on the original Bachelor?

So far we really don’t have any more information. I for one, however, can’t wait to see this new twist. I also hope that there are other variations coming our way. Maybe LGBTQ Bachelor? Only contestants who are parents? There are SO MANY possibilities!

What spin-off would you like to see?

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