Selfie Gone Wrong

If you were in a room with a red button and you were told not to press it, how tempted would you actually be? That is what being in a museum is like. There are staff and signs posed everywhere that tell you not to touch the ancient artifacts, but deep down inside you know you want to touch a piece of history. Soon you might also see no selfie signs make an appearance as well.

I have some of the worst luck ever but this Brazilian couple might have surpassed me! The couple tried to take a selfie at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon in front of the sculpture of Saint Michael that was on a pedestal. As they got closer to the sculpture one of them stumbled backwards into the statue knocking it onto the floor crushing it into several pieces.

Damage that was done to the 18th century statue is irreversible. Let’s just hope they got lucky and didn’t have to pay for it!

The statue of Saint Michael, from the early 1700s, was knocked down in the museum in Lisbon

Image result for st michael statue broken

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