Saturday: 7p-11p


To preface: I can draw a map of Westeros and Essos from memory.

I think that should just about sum up the kind of person I am, but just in case, here’s a rundown of my 23 years on this earth in just a few paragraphs:

The name on my birth certificate is technically Samantha, but call me Sam. I was born and raised in Hallsville, but graduated from Centralia High (long story).  William Woods University was where I called home in college, and I was even able to call myself a collegiate athlete in that time, playing softball for the Owls all four years I was there.

College is where I got my first taste of radio. As a communication major at WWU, I was required to log hours of radio broadcasting as experience; it was there, on 94.9 The Pulse that I found myself enjoying work, rather than waiting for the clock to hit quitting time.

Fast forward two years, and I’m working at an office job. My mom calls me up encouraging me to audition for 2017's Y107 “Co-Host for Cosmo” contest. Reluctantly, I did, because being on the radio would be cool as hell. Went there, blew it. Like, nuclear bomb, blew it. Either, they saw my enthusiasm through my nervous and disheveled exterior, or my mom paid them off, but I managed to get a call-back.

And now, look at this! I’m able to come through your airwaves each weekend. Nothing is off the table to talk about, and I’m ready to talk to you!

Some need-to-know facts about me:

  • Sia is the greatest singer ever; don’t even try to make a case for anyone else.
  • I’m a huge fan of the Florida Gators. I hope we can still be friends.
  • My favorite color is purple, in case you were wondering.