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Your Favorite 90’s Show Is Now A Game!

The 90’s are back and I am so excited! My favorite show when I was a kid was Rugrats!  Even as an adult, there’s never a bad time to relive my childhood and catch an episode. But now, instead of doing that, I can just play RUGRATS MONOPOLY!

Yes… Rugrats Monopoly is a thing!

Picture of Rugrats Monopoly.

So how in the world did the make the show a game? Instead of buying and selling properties, the game has you of buying some of your favorite Rugrats episodes!  Pretty cool. But the icing on the cake is the tokens that you will use to play! Instead of fighting over who will be the hat or sailboat, this time you and your friends will be fighting over who will be Chuckie’s glasses! If you are playing the game with me, I call Reptar! Other tokens for include Cynthia, Spike the dog, a ducky, and Tommy’s Screwdriver! Am I the only one freaking out about this?

Where do I buy one??

You can purchase the game on Amazon for $32.30! Great present for the holidays! 


Which Rugrats token do you call? 

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