Skip The Romaine Lettuce This Thanksgiving Or Else!

News broke today that health officials at the CDC are asking everyone who currently has Romaine lettuce to please throw it out! Yikes!

The concern is that it may be contaminated with E. coli. There have been multiple people who have been hospitalized in 11 states and Canada.  Health officials are asking that you avoid any type of lettuce that contains romaine, whether it be bagged, chopped or mixed lettuce.  Even if you have already eaten some of the bag, and have yet to get sick, they still ask that you don’t take the risk. Unfortunately, they are unable to identify which distributor or source is the cause of the outbreak. 

With Thanksgiving coming up in just a couple of days, this is something that you need to take precautions on. If you were planning on having romaine lettuce for the holiday, you’ll want to change plans and toss the romaine out NOW! 

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