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Y107’s Roll Call Means More FREE CASH!

UPDATE: Thank you for playing along with Y107’s Roll Call. 

We HATE to do this, but unfortunately, at this time, we will be putting this on hold for the time being. When things start to return to normal we will excitedly resume.   

Y107 continues to be your FREE MONEY STATION, no matter what the world is throwing at us!  Here’s your next chance to grab some cash just for listening!

              Y107’s Roll Call

Get registered below to be placed on our “Roll Call” list. Starting Monday, March 23rd,  we’ll call off a name from that list 3 times a day, at 8:00a, 11:20a, and 3:20p. 

That person will have 15 minutes to call us back at 441-Y107 (9107) and claim their prize of $25.  However, if time runs out, the money will ROLL over, adding $25 to the next prize, and will continue to do so until we have a winner. 

For example:
Say we call Jill Smith at 8:00a, but she doesn’t call back in time. At 11:20a, our next person would win $50. If they don’t call in time, the payout for our 3:20p name would be $75. If there STILL isn’t a winner, the next morning at 8:00a, the payout would be up to $100!!!  Once we get a winner, we will always reset to $25. 

Congrats to all winners so far…

Rebel W. in Jefferson City won $125

Ashley B. in Mexico won $25

Lena L. in Jefferson City won $50

Erica J. in Boonville won $25

Richelle M. in Jefferson City won $25

Victoria P. in Columbia won $50

Ariel S. in Columbia won $75

Taylor D. in Jefferson City won $75

Jenny R. in Columbia won $75

Allyson E. in Jefferson City won $25

When we resume, $50 will be on the line for the next name!!!


** YVIPs are NOT automatically opted in for the Roll Call



  1. We have suspended this for now.

  2. How do you register???

  3. Thanks for the awesome words Laurie!

  4. Thank you Brenda! We try our best, as we’re all in this together.

  5. You are all so young at heart, joyfull. I love it that you go around and get the public to join in the fun.

  6. Thank you for being there for us! I don’t know if I would make it without you all! Be well, stay safe.

  7. Thanks Angelina! We really appreciate that!

  8. Love ur all’s station. Me and hubby and kids listen to this station everyday all day.

  9. Angel, so sorry to hear that. If it helps, we have put together a blog post of all those who are hiring right now. Good luck on the Roll Call promotion.

  10. My fiancé just got laid off work and they are cutting hours at my work. We already live paycheck to paycheck and the bank account is usually negative. So, it would be awesome to Win some money!

  11. I love y107 I listen all the time it’s so funny. Good luck everyone

  12. I could use the money since my work is cutting hours because of the virus

  13. I could use it for sure…about to be out of workbecaude of this carona crap

  14. Johanna Rawlings

    That would be amazing to win some money. It sure will
    Help with bills.

  15. Some people say money can’t solve your problems must not a had enough money to solve them!

  16. Congrats Emily! So excited for you!

  17. Emily Timmerman

    Okay, I just won the roll call. I was seriously so surprised to win that I didn’t know what to say. Thanks so much Cosmo and Y107!

  18. Misty Vandivor

    Y107 is the ssh…wish u all Good Luu… Luckily it’s my turn on the Air today… Lol Good luck everyone and you 107 rules..

  19. Sarah Keith Galloway

    Hope to win thank u guys so much for the easy chance to winning!!!

  20. My kids and I love listening the music but honestly have more fun listening to the talk/game segmamts.

  21. Congrats again Haven! We thank you for listening!

  22. Just won $75 with the last roll call for the day!! Love listening to you guys! Thank you!

  23. Love this station

  24. Thanks for the love Karen!

  25. Thanks for the love Angie!

  26. Thanks Dustin!

  27. Glad we can be there for you Amanda. Congrats on the engagement!

  28. I just love this station!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  29. I listen to you guys 24 hours a day! My ol man switched from the classics station he likes for MY fav. Y107 just for me! He is 27 years older than me and has kept the radio in the house and out in the shop on your station since we got together!!!

    That’s over a year now I never am without Y107 running in the background!!!

    We’re getting married on August 9th!! Thanks for being you! You’re walking and talking with me every step of the way! Thank you!!!!! <3

  30. Y’all are amazing! So glad to be able to listen to everyone everyday!

  31. You guys are the best. Anytime of day. Always got me turning my radio up full volume.

  32. Best station for music all day over 20yrs still enjoy waking up to them of a morning 🙂

  33. Good Luck!

  34. Well thanks Amy!

  35. I love Y107! You all are GREAT!

  36. Can’t wait til thursday

  37. Good luck Aaron!

  38. Where do you live now Tiffany? Thanks for streaming us!

  39. Thanks Ashley!


  41. Can’t wait for the 25th!

  42. jonathan parrish

    good luck

  43. I hope I get a call

  44. Even though I don’t live in Columbia any more I still listen and am a avid Y 107 listener
    Thank goodness for live streaming

  45. Good luck Christy!

  46. I love u guys and I hope I win!!! Thanks:)

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