Rock Paper Scissors Challenge Returns!

Rock Paper Scissors: one of the easiest games to learn as a kid. But did you ever master it?

Get ready for the Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors Throwdown, Thursday, June 13 at LogBoat Brewing. 

Y107’s Cosmo and Lauren will host with the Heart of Missouri United Way as teams of 5 compete for bragging rights and prizes.  It’s a bracket-style tournament with a best of 5 competition each round. But if you get eliminated too early, you can always buy a mulligan and get your way back in. Y107 will be competing against you BTW!

There are limited slots. Get your team registered right away. 

Door open at 4p.  Event is at 5pm!

Have fun with your squad, take home prizes and bragging rights, drink beer, and help benefit our community through the Heart of Missouri United Way.

One comment

  1. Dean… Always with the scissors!

    I wasn’t aware the RPS was a thing. I might have to come just to watch this phenomenon.

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