Photos of people in Easter bunny costume with kids and person in Pikachu pokemon costume

Celebrity Dads Celebrate Easter In Costumes

Did we miss the memo? Apparently, the new way to celebrate Easter if you’re a celeb dad is to put on a costume. It’s true. Just ask The Rock and, wait… KANYE??  Yup

The Rock is Pikachu for Easter

The first time Jasmine's favorite character, Pikachu came to visit her months ago she was only crawling. For Easter Sunday @laurenhashianofficial and I thought, Pikachu should make a special visit once again. Well, Pikachu didn't account for the fact that now Jazzy RUNS and for 2hrs straight she wants to play her new favorite game, "I run away and you chase me Pikachu. And you're not allowed to take a break until I go night night". At the end of the vid you can hear her yell, "Peekyu" because she can't say, Pikachu. I'm tired, today's my only day off, it's 118 degrees in this costume and Hobbs keep trying to p*ss on my leg. And I luv every minute of it. Bring it on. It's what daddy's do. Happy Easter to you guys and enjoy your families. #Rockachu #DaddyPuttinInWork #TheGameThatNeverEnds #PikachuLooksBloated

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Parenting is tough work!

Kanye is the Easter Bunny

This we just have to take Kim’s word on, unfortunately.  There are pictures of “EB” all over her Insta, but none showing who’s in the suit. She says it’s Kanye, but we don’t have proof.  However, Kanye is about that height, isn’t in any pics with the bunny in it, and honestly, who else would Kanye let get that close to Kim, bunny or not?  We still can’t believe Kanye actually did this. Maybe he has turned a new leaf??!!

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