Picture of Carson getting revenge Destiny

Cosmo & Carson Get Revenge On Destiny! [VIDEO]

I thought when I had the boys take a shot of apple vodka and milk they would enjoy it! I never in a million years thought they would want to get revenge on me. Man did Cosmo and Carson get me back GOOD!

Picture of a plate of Thanksgiving food that Cosmo and Carson put together.

After our Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday, the boys called me back to the lunch room and asked me to put a blindfold on. At first, I was a little weirded out. But again I also didn’t think the boys had it in them to get me back. Next thing I know they start blending something together right next to me! Well if you want to know what a Thanksgiving smoothie looks like, enjoy! 

Here is why the boys wanted to get me back! Vodka and Milk challenge!

Y107 Staff Does The Vodka and Milk Challenge! [VIDEO]

Would you try the Thanksgiving smoothie? 

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