Supplement Superstores Fall Operation Transformation Challenge

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Hey, Cosmo here…

I finally snapped! I got mad at myself and decided THIS IS IT! No More excuses! It has been a very stressful 6/7 months even with out covid19 and I found myself WAAAAY off track on my healthy nutrition and fitness habits.

I got back into Supplement Superstores and got back on the InBody system to see where I was at.



Check out how you can get a FREE InBody test with full analysis.






Your scale is just a number. The InBody gives you a true breakdown of what is happening “InBody.”   It only takes a couple of minutes to get your own personal scan.  Then you can discuss your results with one of their sports nutrition specialists and start really mapping out your plan to reach your individual goals.

For me the results were just what I needed to see on paper exactly where I am as of today!  Tyler looked over my scan results and we went to work.  Time for more water and to ramp up my protein intake.  There is something about having this printed out scan that is the ultimate “accountability partner”.

Motivation. Goals. Ready. No Excuses.

If you are like me and got off track with lockdown, closed gym, just general stress of life, stop in to any of the 3 Mid-Mo Supplement Superstores locations and ask about the InBody machine.

BMI vs Body Composition  BMI may not be the most reliable indicator of health or even the best way to monitor progress, because it relies on your scale weight.

I have also found a trick to help me make sure i am getting my daily intake of greens along with my 1DB Overdrive. Go grab you a bottle of Ocean Spray Diet 5 Cran-Mango (or any of their other yum yum flavors).

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